Koptekst 1


2nd floor room : 340 € / month

                          680 €  deposit

Koptekst 1

No reservations possible for academic year 2022-2023 due to renovation works. Reservations FEB- JUNE 2022 possible


1st floor room : 340 € / month

                         680 €  deposit

No reservations possible for academic year 2022-2023 due to renovation works. Reservations FEB- JUNE 2022 possible

Additional information:

  • All our rooms have a bed+matress, desk+chair, cabinet for clothes and books, internet connection.

  • There is a shared kitchen per floor, showers and restrooms per floor.

  • Use the courtyard to enjoy the sun, and to store your bicycle!

  • Security deposit is requested and can not be used to pay rent.

  • We use standard rental contract created by the university (see an example of the contract on page FAQ)

  • Standard 10 month contract, short term is welcome too

  • 80 € city tax one time fee per stay

  • 5 € per month for the weekly cleaning of the common parts (hallway- corridor- toilets-showers)

  • The additional costs can be calculated with the deposit at the end of your stay

We think that good agreements provide good safety and a good atmosphere.

Whoever makes a reservation with us;  agrees to the



1. For your own comfort and safety, smoking strictly forbidden. Smoking in your room = breach of contract

2. No extra guests in your room, NO free lodging.

3. Safety equipment is here for emergency use only.

4.For security, cameras are provided in the public areas of the building

5. For safety, use elevator only when you're not alone in the building!

6. Please respect silence after 10pm. Night noise will be penalized per floor or per room.

7. Please take turns washing the dishes, cleaning tables, cleaning the stove, and removing the garbage daily. Students per floor are responsible for the cleanliness of their kitchen. We will charge a small cleaning fee per week if management has to clean the kitchen & empty garbage cans. Thank you for your understanding.

8. Ventilate your room daily! Mold spots for bath ventilation / drying or laundry 200 € for re-painting

9. Please keep toilets and showers clean. Do not leave garbage. Turn off the light. Thank you!

10. A cleaning fee will be charged when you request your deposit before you leave the room

11. If you have your own refrigerator in your room, we will charge a small fee.

12. If not paid, a monthly fee will be deducted from your deposit for heating, electric, cooking, water, internet.

13. Any costs incurred due to theft / damage will be divided per floor.

14. To guarantee hygiene, ks51 will clean kitchens & refrigerators twice a year. Please remove all personal food & kitchenware during Christmas holidays between Jul 15 and Aug 15. Anything left will be thrown away.

15. Students who are involved in illegal activities or drug use will be removed at once and lose their deposit.

16. To guarantee the safety, security and peace for all students, KS51 will NOT be used for parties or get together. The building is only for tenants. You will meet up with friends outside ks51. Violating this rule means that you will be removed from the KS51, your room will be emptied, your contract will be canceled immediately, your security deposit will not be refunded.