KS51 uses a standard rental contract created by the university!

You can download and view this standard contract below in English or Dutch.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: You have to bring yourself: bed sheets, pillow, towels, basic kitchenware.
    Cheap shops are also within walking distance of ks51


Q: What is the size of a room?

A: Most rooms are 12,5m², the double room is 25m².


Q: I am NOT a student, can I rent a room in the Ks51 Student rooms?

A: Sorry, ONLY students are allowed.


Q: Where can i see which rooms are available?

A: Go to menu and click on 'Online Reservation', there you will find an overview of available rooms.


Q: Can i reserve a room for a special duration?

A: Yes, you can send a request to ks51rooms@gmail.com


Q: What are energy charges for?

A: Energy charges cover the use of electricity for power, water, waste+garbage removal, internet, heating.


Q: How can I guarantee my reservation?

A: When you send a reservation request, we will reserve a room for you.

     You then have 8 days to pay the deposit for the room.

     When we receive your deposit in our bank account your room reservation is guaranteed.

Q: Can I change my contract after it has been created and signed?

A: No, after the contract has been made, read and signed, no changes can be made.


Q: Can i let friends and family who come to visit me stay/sleep in my room?

A: No. To ensure the safety and peace of all our students, we believe it is important to keep an overview.

If anyone could bring someone extra it might disrupt the safety and peace. Thanks for understanding.

Q: Can i pay the rent or the deposit in cash ?

A: No, we only accept bank payments 

Q: How can I pay my room deposit to guarantee my room reservation?

A: Transfer the securiy deposit to our Belgian Ks51 Bank account BE57 7350 1262 4435 

     with swift or BIC code  KREDBEBB. 

     In the payment description mention: Your last name + first name + your room number + 'deposit'

Q  Can i pay my deposit via paypal? 

A:  Yes, pay to jstock.biz@gmail.com . Attention: in certain cases Paypal has charged a transaction fee of 40 Euros!


Q: How can i check in at ks51?

A: There is no reception. After completing your reservation, you can use the check in form on our website.

    We prepare your keys in a key safe
    You will receive a code from the safe before your arrival, so you can immediately enter at your arrival

Q: Can i put my own refrigerator in my room?

A: Yes, Ks51 will charge you € 8/month  for the extra use of power.


Q: Do you have rooms with private shower or bathroom?

A: No, all bathrooms and showers are shared.

Q: Must we clean the rooms and kitchen ourselves?

A: You have to clean your own room. Anything you use in the common areas also has to be left clean after use.

    Mostly, our students make a rotation system for the cleaning of the kitchen.
    We do have a weekly cleaning service to check everything and to maintain the common parts.

    Important: Ventilation of your room, every day

Q: How do I receive my keys?

A: Go to menu: 'Check in & keys'. We will have the keys ready for you in a key-box.

Take good care of the keys. Key loss, or not delivering the keys back at check out = 30€ per key!


Q: Can i contact Ks51?

A: Yes, by mail: ks51rooms@gmail.com -> always state name and room number in your email!

Q: Can i enter the room before i paid the deposit?

A: You can only receive your room keys after we receive your deposit-payment via bank.


Q: Can i visit the building to see the rooms?

A: Yes, by appointment.


Q: It is possible to rent for less then two months ?

A: In exceptional cases, if there is a room available. Day price for < 2 months : 20€.

    You pay the total rent in 1 transfer.


Q: What about city tax?

A: Just like tourists pay city tax, students pay 80€ city tax for the city of Hasselt; short term students included.

    This will be calculated with the deposit, at the end of your stay.


Q: I fly to Brussels, how do I get to Hasselt?

A: Via Airport-Taxi (1 hour) of train (2 hours)


Q: Why do i have to pay a deposit?

A: We will ask you to pay a deposit before you move in. A deposit gives the landlord security in case you cause damage to the property or don't pay rent. 

Q: Can i use the deposit to pay my rent? 

A: No, You're not legally allowed to withhold your rent from the deposit; nor for paying the last month. Check the official university tenancy agreement we use on top of the page FAQ 

Q: If i cancel my reservation, will my deposit be refunded?

A: When you cancel 8 weeks before your reservation date the deposit can be returned.

After this date you pay 50% of the deposit.

When you cancel in the same month your reservation started, you pay 100%. 

If you have to cancel due to a serious illness or by sudden discontinuation of your studies you can provide us a proof of your doctor and your university/educational institution of the termination of your studies.

Q: Do i get my deposit back at the end of my stay? 

A: If the room is clean / not destroyed and your rent is all paid;  the deposit must be refunded within 3 weeks after your stay.
Please take into account a city tax of 80 € and 5 € per month for the cleaning of the corridors.

You do not have to pay these costs at the beginning of your stay. We calculate this at the end of your stay with the deposit

Q: I will arrive in the middle of the month and/or i am leaving again in the middle of the month, do i have to pay a full month rent?
A: Yes, we only rent our rooms in full months, not per week or per day. Even if you arrive in the middle and leave in the beginning of a rental month..This is also according the contract.

Q: Are there any rules on how to set up my room?

A: You can set your room as you like it. Just make sure to leave the room clean and the walls stain- free at the check-out. Ventilate your room daily to avoid mold and respect the smoking ban. Ks51 charges extra costs (minimum 150€) for re-painting

Q: How does the check out work? 

A: You clean and empty your room.
     You leave the keys in the blue mail box (ground floor)
     We will send you a check out calculation via mail
     According to the rules of the contract, you must receive the refund of the deposit within 3 weeks after your departure